Jackalope Garden to Plate

Follow the day to day of the kitchen gardens at Jackalope Mornington Peninsula. Blog posts from our team will keep you up to date on the wins and woes of our beautiful produce gardens. This will be an insight into how we use our gardens as a vital tool in the creation of our menus, as well as provide a guide as to how we incorporate other produce from local growers and friends of ours.

Guy Stanaway - Executive Chef
Ali Walker - Head Gardener

Market Report 01.02.2018 - 14.02.2018

Late-summer may be our favourite time of year - but not for the usual reasons. The aroma of ripe blushing tomatoes in peak season is one of the best produce perfumes imaginable. Equalled, of course, by the fragrance emanating the tomato bush itself as we brush the leaves, rummaging for the hidden ox heart, while picking under the warm summer sun. It is a food experience that everyone should enjoy.
We have over 15 varieties of tomatoes in our garden and we have access to another 60 or so varieties from our great friend Cheryl at Daniel’s Run Farm. Tomatoes feature twice on this menu, in the amuse and second course.

Also from our garden, the first-course features russet potatoes paired with mussels from the one and only Harry’s Mussels of Flinders Pier fame. Elsewhere, local rockmelon stars in a way you have probably never enjoyed - alongside slow cooked smoked pork; beutiful New Zealand snapper is served in a classic Italian style, but with a Japanese twist; and beef, corn and plums make unusual plate-partners as the second main course option. To finish, raspberries from a bumper season are served with salted white chocolate.

The menu:
- Cucumber, mussel, potato
- Tomate, peach, bug
- Pork, melon
- Snapper, bottarga, noodles OR beef, corn, plum, marsala
- Raspberry, white chocolate, verbena

These dishes will be served until 14 February 2018.

Market Report 26.12.17 - 26.01.18

Over the past nine months, since opening, we have changed the menu approximately 100 times (honestly, we have lost count). It sounds crazy, but these changes are symbolic of how we love to cook - based on what is in season and arrives at our kitchen counter from the garden. It is exciting, and we would not want to cook any other way.

Through all those changes though, we have come across dishes that are clear favourites for both our guests and ourselves - our All-Star dishes. This menu presents some of those returning favourites.

The first two courses feature beautiful kohlrabi and peas, and then a plethora of vegetables from Ali’s garden. We have then brought back arguably the most well-received dish from our first year, spanner crab and potato, with new season wilwash potatoes from Torello Farm. Fresh strawberries are the hero on the duck dish, featuring more foraged vegetables from our garden. Finally, cherries from Red Hill return in one of the first desserts conceived for Doot Doot Doot.

Welcome to The Doot Doot Doot All-Stars menu:
- Vegetables 3.0
- Spanner crab, potato, furikake, bottarga
- Duck, strawberry, rye
- Barramundi, pickles, vermouth OR Beef, XO
- Chocolate, cherries

These dishes will be served until 26 January.

Market Report 23.11.17 - 06.12.17

Beautiful spring weather continues to help our garden thrive, and Ali has been busier than the bees turning out beds for new crops - including our first potato planting that will be ready next year. As we are pulling out the very last of our brassicas, we are planting new ones for next year as well. Tomatoes are also in the ground and will fruit in about a month.

Anne and Richard’s amazing avocados are in the entrée. The most vibrant red cabbage that we’ve seen, from Torello farm, is teamed with wallaby from Flinders Island. The last of our broad beans are on the beef dish, while carrots and herbs are paired perfectly with the snapper. We’ve been picking hundreds of kilos of lemons for preserves and cordials, and Elliott has also made a heavenly lemon cake to finish off the menu.

Doot Doot Doot's current menu:
- Avocado, Umeboshi
- Beetroot, Leek, Pil Pil
- Wallaby, Yoghurt, Cabbage
- Snapper, Carrot, Lardo OR Beef, Clams, XO
- Lemon, Praline

These dishes will be served until 06 December.

Market Report 9.11.17 - 22.11.17

In an amazing representation of spring, our kitchen garden has shown an array of flowers and blossoms turning to seeds for weeks now. They are on the way out so we are pulling entire beds to make way for new season planting. The weather has been good, not so much for humans but fantastic for plants. A mix of excellent hydration and occasional sunshine has encouraged growth all around.

In the kitchen, we are paring our broad beans with scallop. Beautiful sweet coriander flowers are teaming up with local strawberries for our duck dish. Potatoes from Torello Farm feature on the beef dish, folded with peppery wild watercress that boarders the potato patch. Stunning local pears are finishing things off with goats yoghurt that we make in house.

Doot Doot Doot's current menu:
- Scallop a la ficelle avec accompaniments
- Pea, white chocolate, macadamia
- Duck, strawberry, rye
- Flathead, fennel, labneh OR Beef, potato, chevre, watercress
- Pear, yoghurt

These dishes will be served until 22 November.

Market Report 26.10.17 - 8.11.17

Though it’s been a slow start, spring is here. Just a quick wander through the kitchen garden and you’ll know it to be true. There are flowering vegetables out there that a well above head height and the perfume is amazing.

Our broad beans are being picked for the fish main course and kale is being harvested for the beef. There is cabbage coming from Torello farm for the beef dish as well. Also from Torello are Russet Burbank potatoes and cauliflower for the crab dish which also includes delicious apples from a little Balnarring orchard. Blueberries from Main Ridge are for dessert, paired up with handmade stracciatella.

Doot Doot Doot's current menu:
- Almond, cauliflower, apple, crab
- Beetroot, honeycomb, capriole, roe
- Potato, prawn
- Dory, radish, broad beans OR Beef, cabbage, kale
- Blueberry, white chocolate, stracciatella

These dishes will be served until 8 November.

Market Report 12.10.17 - 24.10.17

Spring is here and with it comes not only some sunshine and jubilation but also a rejuvenated kitchen garden.

Our winter produce has bolted or been pulled out to make way for the new season. The brassicas are flowering and so is the calendula. Broad beans are starting to fruit, nasturtiums are beautiful and bright, the shungiku is lush and green and the chard is exuberant.

Our friend’s properties are in the swing of spring as well. Sophie and Mark at Torello Farm have the most amazing Exton potatoes and chard. The lovely Julie’s flowers and rare leaf varieties are irresistibly good. The goat's cheese from Main Ridge is so perfect as are the first strawberries.

Our menu for this period reflects all this spring excitement, and we are thrilled to welcome you to Doot Doot Doot and take you on our journey with this beautiful produce.