The Hotel

Escape from reality

Set on a pristine property amid the world-renowned Mornington Peninsula wine region, an intoxicating vineyard acreage frames a luxury hotel, unique in both destination and design.

Jackalope’s daring emprise, a delicate interplay between the ideal and surreal, is delivered through boldly curated installations and collaborations with some of Australia’s principal designers.

The 45 designer dens deliver absolute in-room reverie. Interiors are lavished with custom-made comforts, while floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces connect the room’s contemporary design with its country entwine.


Jackalope Hotel's debut property has been conceived in collaboration with a roll call of Australia's preeminent creatives. The result is a reimagination of luxury and a new voice in high-end Australian accommodation.

This commitment to working with the very best creatives, to custom-making, curating and commissioning every detail, has delivered a hotel brimming with art, design, and stories told at every turn.

Art & Installations

The hotel’s creative narrative, alchemy, is given life through a series of commissions by world-renowned artists and designers. Alchemy’s pursuit of the unobtainable through transformative processes has guided the creative direction of the hotel’s curated works.
The seemingly magical processes of transformation, creation, or combination are evident in each installation and the hotel’s collection as a whole.

Emily Floyd
7m Jackalope Sculpture

Emily Floyd’s works are immediately inviting. Be it sculpture, print or public artwork, Floyd’s bright palette, expertly rendered geometric forms and the incorporation of text invite interaction. But while the works are accessible, they are never simple.

Rolf Sachs
5 Flasks "light chemistry" lamp

Created by conceptual artist and designer, Rolf Sachs, this piece builds a largescale light from familiar chemistry equipment. The flowing cables give it a sense of movement and flow akin to the human body, transcending its natural functionality, creating something unique, yet familiar. Sachs challenges the way materials are used and handled, through constant experimentation and invention; he thrives on pushing materials to their limits to create something new and surprising.

Andrew Hazewinkel
Three sculptural works comprising 11 agate faced busts

Andrew Hazewinkel, who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, is an artist that works with sculpture video and photography. In his work we see an abiding interest in ancient objects and how they might be woven into the everyday realm. Drawing from art history, geology, surrealism and natural history these works explore the slippery interactions between our memories and history, between our bodies and the materials they rub up against and the role that this plays is shaping the very human act of remembering.

Rick Owens
Stag Bench

American fashion designer Rick Owens began his first furniture collection in Paris in 2007. His furniture designs can be seen as a direct extension of his fashion lines and overall multi-dimensional aesthetic, creating sculptural pieces that verge on art yet function as furniture. The combination of materials he employs, from antlers to alabaster, wood to smooth stone, convey a melding between high design and functionality, like his clothing. Oftentimes oversized, his large, brutalist pieces of furniture vary in colour and texture, combining a stark modernist look with contemporary luxury.